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Tanganyika Wildlife Park is family-owned and receives no government subsidies. It is only with your help that we can continue to have a significant impact in the stewardship of select species. In addition to the animals that call Tanganyika home, we give to several in-situ (in the wild) conservation organizations like the International Rhino Trust, Cheetah Botswana, and more!


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Animals may be adopted by more than one parent. When you adopt an animal, you will be adopting the species of the animal, not an individual animal. Zoo animals, like all living things, are subject to change; they may become ill, die, or be moved to another zoo. If any of these things occur, your adoption will be transferred to another animal. Animals remain at the zoo in the care of professional staff, no ownership rights are confirmed. All adoption money will go to the 501(c)3 Species Survival Fund: Tanganyika Winter Fund. All in-situ funds will go to the partner named.

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